Listening to Rocks

July 19th 2022
South India
The core team consists of the Open Platform collective - Shabari Rao (Lead Researcher), Manush John, Navya Sah and Bindhumalini Narayanaswamy. Abhinav Suresh, from The Indian Sonic Research Organisation, tagged along for this particular expedition as a sound recordist.
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On 28th May 2022, a team of five individuals embarked on a trip to the Rocky hills near Magadi, about 40 kms from Bangalore

Their intention was to sonically capture this 2.5 billion year old geological structure. The two day recording initiative was focused on capturing space, vastness, stillness and reactions in the varied landscapes surrounding these rocks.

The project aims to provide a perspective for the world we inhabit, without making the human being the largest player in the game. Anchored in the rocky landscape of Ramanagara, Karnataka, an ancient geological site, this team is trying to give the rocks, the trees, the animals and the non-human life the role of protagonist in their stories, leaving man as a witness in the vast scale of space and time around him.

Day 1 : Listening to the Rocks
Evening 1 : Valley Resonance
Night 1 : A Performance around Nature
Day 2: Listening to the Forest

Follow this link to see a blog post by Abhinav Suresh from The Indian Sonic Research Organization.