Akhu Ronid Chingangbam

Singer-Songwriter, Poet

Akhu (Ronid) Chingangbam is a singer-songwriter and poet from Imphal, Manipur, India. He leads the Imphal based folk rock act “Imphal Talkies & The Howlers”.
He has collaborated with bands and artist like Asian Dub Foundation, Rahul Ram (Indian Ocean), Guru Rewben Mashangva, Summit Attempt, etc.
Akhu also works with children from various ethnic backgrounds of Manipur under the project named A Native Tongue Called Peace. The project is an attempt to bridge the gap between the various tribes and communities of Manipur. Since 2014, he has been festival director of the annual crowd funded festival of music and arts “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?”, a tribute to late American folk singer activist Pete Seeger.
He is a grantee of India Foundation for the Arts, Bangalore. His music have been used by Amnesty International India in various campaign. He has composed and written music for films like “Oh My Soul (Nagaland)”, “Discreet Charms of Savarnas (Tamil Nadu)”