Canela Palacios


Canela Palacios (La Paz, 1979)
Composer. She graduated in Music from the Bolivian Catholic University "San Pablo". She studied with Alberto Villalpando, Cergio Prudencio, Graciela Paraskevaídis, Coriún Aharonián and Cornelius Schwehr. In 2011 she founded, together with several colleagues, the Casataller space. In 2015, together with the Casataller team, she created the “Composition School” of which she was the director. She was the founder, composer and performer of the Duo Abrelata. She is the creator of the Bolivian Contemporary Music project. She has composed for different contemporary music ensembles from Bolivia and other countries. In 2020 she published the album "Sur" with 12 songs of her own. She has collaborated with artists from various disciplines on dance, theater, film and performance projects.