Lia Rumantscha head of culture, Author, Researcher

Gianna Olinda Cadonau, born 1983 in Panaji, India writes poems and prose in Romansh and German, heads the cultural department of the Lia Rumantscha and sits on various cultural committees. She published two books of poetry with editionmevinapuorger, Zurich, "Ultim'ura da la not/Letzte Stunde der Nacht", 2016, awarded with the Terra Nova Prize of the Swiss Schiller Foundation, and “pajais in uondas/wiegendes Land” 2020. Her first novel, "Feuerlilie", will be published by Lenos Verlag in 2023. The manuscript was awarded the Studer/Ganz Prize in 2022. The author lives in Chur with her husband and their son.