Improviser, Transdisciplinary artist

Hannah Wirnsperger is a flutist, improviser and sound artist from Austria, currently based there, in Liechtenstein and Switzerland (Lucerne). Their favourite work is interactive and -disciplinary, multimedial and uncompromisingly exploratory. So far they have written and played music for opera, theatre, clubs, film and installations with their beloved tool improvisation always by their side. In her practise, Hannah seeks to question ideas of time (temporality), ownership and identity, investigating the nature and viscosity of conventions and the relationship between perceiving and perceived (eg. player and listener). They hold a BA in Flute and Improvisation (HSLU) and a MA in Contemporary Performance and Composition from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Studies in which Hannah saw herself confronted with and confined within her own axioms, expectations and inner/outer structers – the unravelling of which is an ongoing yet fundamental artistic, as well as personal process. Hannah can mainly be heard and seen performing in the DACH-region in (multidisciplinary) ensembles or solo (on stage or behind the computer), soldering together unrelateable objects, or gathering thoughts and sounds in digital spaces.