Sound designer, Producer, Composer

The world is characterized by nations, cultures, diverse societies, and uncountable subcultures, all of which carry a multitude of individual beliefs and traditions. Throughout the centuries, the majority of civilizations have embraced these philosophies by expressing them through a variety of arts and crafts. One essential craftsmanship, music, has consistently proven to be a universal tool by carrying powerful emotions and expressing sensitive feelings.

My name is Kaspar Deicher and I want to share our philosophies through my unique music. In contrast to traditional ways of manifesting music, composition, and its performance, I believe that music and its creation are meaningful possibilities to widen our understanding of the world. If we expand our definition and the context of music, and if we listen closely, the ambient noises and sounds of our environment tell us countless stories. For instance, two arguing people inside a supermarket while passing its automatic door, a cyclist ringing his/her bell, a tree branch falling to the ground, an ambulance passing by in the distance or rain pouring against our windows are beautiful examples of simultaneously occurring stories within our environment. In a sense, these sound palettes are the soundtracks of our lives. The very ways in which we understand, feel, and absorb music are not bound to any personal, social or cultural limits or traditional guidelines. In fact, music is able to overcome such boundaries and create new thrilling emotions and feelings.

This artistic freedom is a key source of inspiration for my works and has persistently influenced my musical development. I am convinced that we can shape our future by continuously expanding our present understanding of creating and performing music and I am determined to share my part of this craftsmanship with the world.

I have been involved with music since my childhood. At first I received classical cello lessons, and at the age of 11 I was accepted to join a youth study program at the Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts. There I learned to understand, enjoy and also critically question different styles of music. As a junior student majoring in cello, I completed training in conducting, rhythm theory, music theory and artistic expression. Today I use this to successfully shape projects and ideas. In addition, I have been producing electronic music and composing my own works since 2019. One of my favorite fields of research is sound design. Here I deal with the construction of sounds. This is done both on the musical side - What should the sound express? - as well as on the technical side - How do I implement my musical idea most efficiently? -. My compositions include pieces from various electronic genres as well as film music.

Kaspar Deicher, Oct 2023