Linthoi Chanu (Potsangbam Linthoingambi Chanu) is a writer from Manipur, India. Her central area of interest is Manipuri folk lore, a topic that she has written about at length in various journals. Her debut book, The Tales of Kanglei Throne (2017), was recognized for its impact on re-popularizing folk stories and legends of Manipur among the youths. Most of her works are conceived by memory, identity and imagination coming together to bring out the richness of a culture and art.

With a deep interest in documenting cultural experiences related to culinary arts, indigenous crafts and ancient social practices, she feels that it is an adventure to source stories that have survived for many generations only through memory and oral traditions. These tales cannot be found in the dusty corners of any library but in the hearts and minds of people, and as a storyteller, chasing after them to share them with the world is her passion.