Lulu Kayheich

Experimental mover

Khulem Tennyson was better known by his name, Lulu Kayheich. He started his dance career from his rooftop and started to work with the renowned dance crew ARDAC THE SAYON, led by OJA SENJAM HEMJIT, known as TOMBI, in 2019.

Lulu is a contemporary street dancer and an experimental dancer. And recently, he lived in the woods, where he experimented with his art with nature. The strategy he notices when he is in the forest is all grabbed together, and he produced a nonverbal ballad dance film such as "Vitality Voyage" and "Fall in Silence" by himself. He was successful with his two experimental dance performances, "Lost in Forest" and "Hei Heiya Hae Hou," on different platforms. He is researching the artwork of different artists, exploring different places just to see people’s work, and assembling ideas.

Lulu enjoys poetry, and besides dancing, he used to jot down poetry. He also loves travelling and being an adventurer. Lulu also participated in the 2019 Indian Hip Hop Dance Championship, held in Goa, and performed at the Kochi Muziris Biennale as a student representative under the guidance of the Anga Art Collective in 2022.