Sarah Everlyn Nambuya

Social scientist

Researcher, Trainer, and an Organisation and Community Development Facilitator. Sarah has a degree in Social Sciences, specializing in Psychology and Social Administration and she has a Diploma in Teaching geography and religious education. Sarah has in-house training, knowledge and ability in participatory rural appraisal and participatory learning and action (PRA/PLA) which she attained during her 5 year stay at the Community Resource Development Network (CDRN). Sarah initiated and co-authored the PRA Dictionary which supports qualitative data collection especially in communities.
During her 7year consultancy with the Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC), Sarah came to appreciate the importance of culture in the development journey of a nation. She has worked with some stakeholders including the Department of Culture and Family Affairs (Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development - MGLSD) to promote inclusiveness of the women, men and youths in the Community Development plans.
Currently, Sarah is an Organisation Development Consultant to the Pearl Rhythm Foundation, supporting the founders to advance the local cultural agenda based on reflections of within the organization and the opportunities in the environs of Uganda and globally. This entails strengthening the founders in cultural projects, leadership and management abilities.
Sarah is a researcher who has participated in organization level and national researches. Selected researches ● understanding how culture influences the definition of poverty among various ethnic groups; how they perceive solutions (National Participatory Poverty Assessment PPA I, PPA II – OXFAM and GOU) ● understanding the culture of fisherfolk and their adherence of ARVs (Mid Term Evaluation of the Rakai Counsellors Association Project). Capacity building activities ● PRA /PLA staff training aimed at encouraging staff to appreciate the cultural aspects of local community ethnic which would be incorporated into mainstream planning (Jinja Diocese Development Office| MGLSD-UNICEF | PLAN INTERNATIONAL IN UGANDA | NECDP – CHDC /MUK)
Key concepts in Sarah’s work are: participatory methodologies; capacity building / facilitation; trainer; organisation development; community development; microfinance.