Miriam Paschetta

Harpist, Improviser, Crafter

Miriam Paschetta, a 29-year-old musician and harpist, embarked on her musical journey at an incredibly young age. At the tender age of three, she embarked on music lessons tailored for children. By the time she was four, she had already chosen her lifelong companion, the harp. Miriam's commitment to her craft is evident in her impressive academic journey. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Harp Performance in Torino, Italy, in 2014, followed by a Master's degree in Milan in 2016. In her pursuit of musical excellence, she earned a second master's degree at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg in 2019. Her dedication to pushing musical boundaries and exploring diverse genres led her to her most recent accomplishment, a Master's degree in Contemporary Music Performance in Basel, Switzerland, in 2023.

While Miriam has a classical music background, she thrives in playing experimental, contemporary, improvised, and even pop music. Her talents have graced audiences worldwide, as she performed with orchestras and ensembles across Europe and even in Oman. In recognition of her exceptional talent and dedication, Miriam was awarded the prestigious Würdigungspreis in 2020, celebrating her as the best-graduated student from her university.

But Miriam is more than just a harpist. She's an advocate for sustainability and responsible living. As a co-founder of straTivari, she's involved in a unique project that transforms recycled plastic into propedeutic violins, while simultaneously teaching children about the importance of responsible plastic usage. Her commitment to the environment aligns with her vegan lifestyle and her unwavering passion for recycling.

Miriam's creative spirit extends beyond her music and environmental efforts. She is a dedicated craftswoman, venturing into a variety of handmade endeavours, from bookbinding to crafting handmade glasses. Miriam's dedication to music, environmental sustainability, craftsmanship, and education is a testament to her multifaceted character. She believes in nurturing the future of our planet by educating the generations that will inherit it. With her unwavering commitment to music and the environment, she strives to leave a lasting legacy that inspires others to take action.