Simon Grab

Sound artist, Noisemaker, Errorist

Swiss sound artist and musician Simon Grab explores new grounds by negating assumed borders. In his recent work, he focuses on reduction, and the peculiarity of self-referential systems, playing fragile feedbacks, pulsating drones and opulent outbursts of noise on a no-input-mixing setup.His latest albums «Posthuman Species» and «Extinction» were released on -OUS Records. His EP «Diamonds» in collaboration with Togolese rapper Yao Bobby and Asian Dub Foundation’s Dhangsha was released on Bristol’s LavaLava Records. Simon Grab’s recent works includes «Hirnmusik 1 & 2», in which he dives deep into musical imagery by transferring his sonic ideas directly from his brain to vinyl. The co-founder of ganzerplatz soundstudios has been an active musician and producer in a wide range of musical contexts, composing music & sounddesign for feature films, documentaries, theatre and radio, though staying addicted to dub and noise, with an everlasting punk attitude.