Encouraging dialogue between generations and continents

Agbodrafo, a small fishing village on the coast of Togo in West Africa, brings together fishermen from the lake and sea. The lake fishermen are from Benin and carry within them the roots of voodoo, the whispers of the earth, and the mysteries of the still waters. The ocean fishermen are from Ghana and have inherited rhythm, the strength of the voice, and a desire to go beyond the horizon. Agbodrafo tells many stories … of the founding ancestors and deities … of the slave trade … of a new generation looking for itself in traces of the past … of obstacles encountered and a possible future. Yao Bobby and Simon Grab and their team are listening to and recording the fishermen’s chants, local storytellers, and dancers within their sound environment. The resulting sound collage is shared with the community at Agbodrafo’s cultural center in the form of public radio shows that is moderated and includes live sound and music elements.