Performing The Witness in a garden in Basel

November 22nd 2023
Northern Switzerland
Performers: Cris Arcos, Isabelle Meraner, Ed Williams, Chloé Saffores, Anouk Neyens, Lathika Vithanage, Olga Marulanda
Deep Listening®, Pauline Oliveros
Archive of the future
Field research
Deep listening practices
Multispecies research
Field recording
Listening as activism

Pauline Oliveros text score "The Witness", a tapestry of instructions and guidance rather than traditional notes, invites us to immerse ourselves in deep listening

It prompts us to attune our senses not just to our own melodies but also to the ambient sounds that envelop us. Here, in the midst of the garden's vibrant life, in Basel, we find ourselves in a dialogue with the myriad of creatures that call it home.

The garden becomes a sanctuary where the boundaries between us and the more-than-human critters blur. These beings, typically unseen or unheard, become active participants in this collaborative performance. Their whispers and rustles, clicks and calls, become integral elements of the score, adding layers of complexity and beauty to the music.

Under the open sky, surrounded by the organic richness of the garden, we experience a profound connection with the environment. Each sound we create resonates not only with the other humans sounds but also with the living, breathing ecosystem that surrounds us. The music becomes a celebration of interconnectedness.

As the final notes fade into the air, humans and critters alike seem to linger, sharing in the lingering echoes of this unique and enchanting moment. The garden, having hosted this symbiotic harmony, continues its own timeless composition, inviting future collaborations.