Building a community of witnesses

East Coast USA
The Deep Listening Witness collective upstate New York

The Deep Listening Witness collective includes experimental trio Talking Gong (Claire Chase, flutes; Susie Ibarra, percussion; Alex Peh, keyboards), electronic musician Senem Pirler, & IONE, playwright, director, teacher, spouse of Pauline Oliveros. The group often includes elders, students and members of the Deep Listening community in the Hudson Valley. In Spring 2021, the group played in bird sanctuaries, beaver ponds, woods, nature reserves & mines in upstate New York, and in Brooklyn, NY. The group has joined sessions hosted by Eduardo Kohn & Manari Ushigua, of the Ecuador Witness project, and soon will involve university students as well (Harvard University, The Juilliard School, SUNY New Paltz and Bennington College), to continue exploring how we can improve the world by listening to its sounds, apparent and hidden.