DJ, Producer, Rapper

The South Sudanese artist grew up in Kakuma, near Lake Turkana in Kenya before moving to Uganda. Turkana’s background has been defined by Perpetual Dislocation & Rapid, Improvised Reconstitution, and this is the dominant “form” of her music. Turkana has carved out a unique sonic space, characterized by sharp, decisive breaks between sounds & genres, while remaining squarely in the domain of Hard, Cunty Electronics.

Turkana is constantly pushing to learn new things and experiencing people and music. She is an ANTI-MASS’s resident and has been making waves in Kampala’s underground scene since 2019. She Played Nyege Nyege festival and CTM Festival 2020. Played Boiler Room in isolation in 2020. Often playing at Underground parties in Kampala, also under Anti mass a series of roving, riotous, art & music happenings based in Kampala. She is also part of Fourmanysisters, a femme spirit female collective party under Nyege Nyege. She had her first Europe tour in 2021, playing in over 10 festivals and radio stations. Turkana is currently working on a collaborative project between Nevernormal and Anti mass, the compilation will result from combined experiments between African and Afro -diasporic artists. Turkana is also spending time working on her EP with Hakuna kulala in Kampala.