Concrete Fluidity

October 22nd 2023
Northern Switzerland
Co-authors: Kaspar Deicher, Miriam Paschetta, Hannah Wirnsperger, Nina Maghsoodloo
Field research
Social studies
Soundscape studies
Field recording

Approximately two hundred meters north of the tripoint between France, Germany and Switzerland the Three Countries Bridge (Dreiländerbrücke; La passerelle des Trois Pays) spans over the Rhine, connecting Weil am Rhein (DE) and Huningue (FR)

Thousands of people cross the bridge daily and individuals and communities alike are offered a unique opportunity to define their identities in relationship to the shared space that is created between the three countries. 

Who are these transient people? Where are the origins and destinations of their journeys? Why do people transgress these borders and how does it feel?

The bridge witnesses the liminal experience of uprootedness and the innate human desire for belonging. Borders, like the Rhine, sliced both visibly and invisibly, serve as intriguing human constructs for categorization and separation. Amid this ambiguity, they offer windows of opportunity to observe, question, and ultimately redefine our notions of identity and belonging
The audio recording accompanying the video is the group’s rendition of Pauline Oliveros’ piece “Environmental Dialogue” (1971) from her collection of Sonic Meditations, performed in October 2023 on the Three Countries Bridge.