Empowering peripheral Brazilian Afro-Indigenous communities

With their base in the Cajazeiras neighbourhood in Salvador, Bahia, northeastern Brazil, a collective of artists and cultural mobilizers uses a combination of poetry, music, soundscapes, computer programming logic, modern technologies, and the reuse of electronic waste to empower contemporary Afro-indigenous residents in peripheral communities. The initiative achieves this by offering training and study groups to local communities, sharing introductory knowledge about technologies and creative practices such as how to use discarded electrical components to build and reframe new works of art and musical instruments and how to implement new technologies to control and monitor the conditions needed for healthy growth in automated vegetable gardens. As well as providing practical teaching that incorporates both intelligent and sustainable solutions, the project also seeks to create a collaborative space in which art becomes a universal language, transforming lives by promoting well-being, autonomy, environmental, artistic and technological awareness in Brazil's outlying regions and by providing young artists with the opportunity to express themselves and discuss delicate issues affecting their community openly.