Researcher, Folk singer songwriter, Filmmaker, Sound artist

Chaoba Thiyam is a multidisciplinary artist and an independent researcher from the state of Manipur in Northeast India. He is the creative director of an art-space called SIYOM and heads a folk music ensemble under the same name. Conceptualized as a space, SIYOM symbolizes the womb, the wellspring of creative spirit. It is an inspirational space, a confluence of creative forces encompassing the whole range of art forms, from the traditional to the unconventional, from the structured to the experimental.

With a passion for archiving the Manipuri folk narratives and oral traditions, he engages in diverse interdisciplinary activities, through the development of the local artistic community to promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage of Manipur. He has worked and connected with younger artists and the vibrant pool of youth for the transmission of folk wisdom through activities such as listening sessions, dialogues, visual and audio documentation, music interaction and performances, and environment consciousness.

As part of his project Resilient Roots and Healing Hearts, he is dedicated to humanitarian and social work pertaining to various issues existing in the society. Through his music and art-based activities, he connects with the people at disability homes, de-addiction centres, orphan and old-age homes, and relief camps in an effort to make the healing process and transformative journey possible.