Dried Reservoir and Well in the Ouled Driss Oasis

September 29th 2023
Field research
Soundscape studies
Social studies
Climate change
Climate crisis

We visit with two of the students, Khadijah and Fatima , Ouled Driss Oasis with a Former Well and Reservoir next to M’Hamid in the South Sahara Morocco

It has been dried up from desertification and misuse of solar power energy used for farming in the desert. The well and reservoir are not empty and the palms in every direction for acres are dried up and dead and everyone expresses that it has a feeling of a cemetery. It is a sad place to visit and very quiet at that time in the morning.

Fatima’s family uses the dried brush from the dead palms to sell for animal food. Khadijah’s father who is with us is a camel tour guide and expresses that it is very difficult for the community with these climate conditions. With these conditions many people from the area around here in M’Hamid have immigrated to other cities. We wonder what it will be like for these girls growing up in this rapid deseritfication of the area.

Khadijah loves to sing, and she want to sing traditional Saharaoui music and popular music like Desert Blues. Fatima expresses that she would like to go into the military. We wonder if moving out for their studies and jobs will allow them to return to their home. It is 9:30am and we are finished with recording as the sun is rising and it will hit between 43-50 Celsius in the desert this late summer day.