Fatima, Khadijah and Halim Sbai listen and record an almost dry well in Ouled Driss

July 27th 2023
Field research
Acoustic Ecology
Deep listening practices
Field recording
Climate change
Climate crisis
Listening as activism

Climate Activist Halim Sbai and two teenage students from the M’Hamid El Ghizlane, Fatima and Khadijah, listen to a former dried well and reservoir of water in Ouled Driss South Sahara Morocco, due to water scarcity in the M’Hamid Oasis

This was once a reservoir and a well for the M'Hamid Oasis and since has dried up. In this are all of the date palm trees and vegetation are dried up and standing dead in the sand among the near dry wells. A once used reservoir is empty and vacant. Halim drops a stone into the nearly dry well at the bottom. This area that is now dried out cannot review these date palm trees.
Listening to the echoes Fatima and Khadijah sing into a well:
“Despite all that people may say about our love
Your love always stays in its place my good
Even the days and the years that pass, love is in its place”
With my cultural studio Sound Health Habitat and Halim Sbai and Joudour Sahara, we will support in scholarship the studies of the first young nomad climate activist of the region and support their studies as a group too.