Arwah Sings into a Nomad Well

April 20th 2023
Joudour Sahara, Playing for Change
Field research
Acoustic Ecology
Soundscape studies
Deep listening practices
Listening as activism
Climate crisis
Climate change
Wisdom Keepers

Joudour Sahara music student Arwah listens and sings into a nomad well south of M'Hamid El Ghizlane, Sahara Desert, Morocco

What can we learn from listening to the climate stories of the young girls in the music program of Joudour Sahara in M’Hamid El Ghizlane? These students are learning while on field recording and filming to tell their stories of the desert climate, its extreme heat, lack of water and nomadic culture through the environmental recordings and interviews.

On a field trip we visit with Director Halim Sbai and the students a nomad well in the Sahara desert about 40 minutes south of M’Hamid.

Music student, Arwah, leans into a nomad well to sing, listen and hear the sound of the reverberation and the water below. With the extreme heat, water sources have become a scarcity in the M’Hamid Oasis and Joudour Sahara works towards anti desertification practices and efforts. These young girls are growing up amidst this extreme climate and they document with us and share their voices, the communites voices and the sounds of the changing landscape.